News in Twos

First and foremost, I would like to share with you all that the first draft of The Prophecy is finished! Of course there’s still plenty to be done, but it’s an exciting milestone nevertheless. Things are moving along!

In other news, I just received a folder full of old stories I wrote when I was around 12 or 13 years old. A friend of mine and I would create our own little books, magazines, newspapers, etc, then send them to each other by way of our fathers, who worked together. This friend’s mother was just going through old stuff, getting their house ready to be put on the market. When she found all of the stories I had sent her daughter near on two decades ago, she saved them for me. It’s a fun little trip down memory lane, but I also have to say, having illustrated my own works, I am rather impressed with my drawing skills at that age!

Here are pictures from a few of my favorites (not the best quality photos)


Faries vs. Minator. The difference between a minator and a minotaur? Apparently, my version had fangs as well as horns. Not sure about the faries.


Hooking the readers for the next book!


Would you just look at the majesty of the dragon? Doesn’t seem so white, but no matter, the majesty!


They fairy king and queen. I am particularly proud of this picture, never mind that I have no recollection of drawing it


Dude, I don’t even think I could draw a hand like that NOW


Clearly, someone was going questing. Bedroll, canteen, rations – check!


The skirt only adds to his ferocity




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