I began this website back when I was promoting my self-published novel and planning on publishing more. Alas, ear wax. Which is to say, I have not published anything since. I completed the rough draft of a sequel, but life and depression and many other things have happened between then and now, and here we are.

I recently learned about the social publishing platform, Vocal Media, so I may occasionally post things over there. So far I have one super short story and a sonnet (a poet I am not, but the only Vocal Challenge available when I discovered the site called for poems about love at first sight, so I gave it a whirl).

This website primarily serves as a blog now, but links to buy my book, to my Vocal page, and to previous blog sites I have used are available under the various tabs.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Great to meet you Jessica! I am looking forward to reading your book, your covers are gorgeous! I am sending you an email as well. It may get lost in spam, but it will come from jbeans29@aol.com, that’s me, Julie Dewey!


    1. It was good to meet you too, Julie! It was unfortunate that not many people stopped by the book store, but the bonus was getting to meet other authors in the area. Thanks for sharing your tips about the business, I look forward to learning more from one another!


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