Kindle Book Awards Semifinalist!

The Sentient made it to the semifinals of the 2015 Kindle Book Awards!

This makes me so happy! Winning books in each of the 7 categories get a smorgasbord of promotional support, which is a huge deal for works written by indie authors.

Also, I got this sweet badge:


Finalists will be announced September 1st. I guess I’ll just have to keep myself distracted until then by forging ahead with The Prophecy.


Puppies and Good Causes

First order of business –  revision is coming along on The Prophecy, and I’ve been devoting more time to it lately. I have finished with the video games (at least until the next episodes come out in another 6 weeks or so), although I am still dealing with this adorable time-suck:

Someone's got her big girl ears!
Someone’s got her big girl ears!

I’m learning that training a German Shepherd Dog requires a ton of commitment and work, but can be incredibly rewarding.

Secondly, science fiction and fantasy indie author Intisar Khanani is having a really special sale going on right now. Through April 7th you can download her eBook Thorn, a fun fairytale retelling, for $0.99 from amazon. All proceeds from the sale will go to helping a friend of the author’s adopt young brothers with special needs. Check out more at Khanani’s website:

ThornWhat’s not to love?!

News in Twos

First and foremost, I would like to share with you all that the first draft of The Prophecy is finished! Of course there’s still plenty to be done, but it’s an exciting milestone nevertheless. Things are moving along!

In other news, I just received a folder full of old stories I wrote when I was around 12 or 13 years old. A friend of mine and I would create our own little books, magazines, newspapers, etc, then send them to each other by way of our fathers, who worked together. This friend’s mother was just going through old stuff, getting their house ready to be put on the market. When she found all of the stories I had sent her daughter near on two decades ago, she saved them for me. It’s a fun little trip down memory lane, but I also have to say, having illustrated my own works, I am rather impressed with my drawing skills at that age!

Here are pictures from a few of my favorites (not the best quality photos)


Faries vs. Minator. The difference between a minator and a minotaur? Apparently, my version had fangs as well as horns. Not sure about the faries.


Hooking the readers for the next book!


Would you just look at the majesty of the dragon? Doesn’t seem so white, but no matter, the majesty!


They fairy king and queen. I am particularly proud of this picture, never mind that I have no recollection of drawing it


Dude, I don’t even think I could draw a hand like that NOW


Clearly, someone was going questing. Bedroll, canteen, rations – check!


The skirt only adds to his ferocity



Back in the Saddle

I confess I didn’t do much writing in the last couple of months. I’ve been trying to split my time, fitting in reading for pleasure, betareading another author’s work, and playing video games.

The video games shouldn’t distract me any longer – it’s just that new installments of two series that I really enjoy were released recently. But I have finished Dragon Age: Inquisition, and only the first episodic “book” of Dreamfall: Chapters (which fans having been waiting TEN YEARS for!) is available at this time. I played through that and am eagerly awaiting the next piece, which currently has an expected release date of “Soon.”

But fear not, the dry spell seems to have come to an end! These last few days I have been writing more and more. The first draft of The Prophecy is now weighing in at 67,000 words, and is probably about 85% done. I hope to have it completed within the next few weeks.

Of course then there will be revision, followed by some more revision, and maybe throw in another round of revision for good measure. I’m not sure I’ll quite make my anticipated release period of Spring 2015, but at the rate I’ve been working these last several days, I don’t think I’ll miss it by much. Maybe I’ll even surprise myself and get it out there sooner than I think.

In other words, Book II of The Sentient Prophecy has an expected publication of “Soon-ish”!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I left Anna and some friends boiling over with righteous indignation, and someone Sentient is going to have to pay…

Procrastination at its finest

Ever since announcing an anticipated release date in Spring 2015 for The Prophecy, I find myself doing plenty of things other than writing. Mostly reading books by other people and playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third installment in one of my absolute favorite video game franchises. I swear before the Muses that I will force myself to get back to writing once I have finished the DA:I, which has the potential for 150 hours of game play. Don’t worry, I’m already about 36 hours into it 🙂

In the meantime, I’d like to invite you to stroll on over to another blog of mine. I started it while waiting to get the draft of The Sentient back from the editor, when I didn’t want to continue work on the sequel until I made sure there would be no changes suggested that would affect details in the second book. On Oh My Blog! I posted about random things I find interesting (such as the Cardiff Giant, Rasputin, and the evolution of vampires in popular fiction). I had a lot of fun doing it! It’s been a while since I’ve added any new posts, as I’ve been writing (okay, okay, and reading and playing Dragon Age) since then. I’d like to return to it sometime, though.

Please feel free to check it out while I work on getting back to work!

You can find the blog here: