The Sentient

The new cover
The new cover


The Sentient (Book I of The Sentient Prophecy)

When a patient at the birth center begs her to take her baby and keep him safe, Anna finds herself swept up into the affairs of the mysterious Dorn family. The Dorns belong to the Sentient, a clandestine group whose study of alchemy has granted them near-immortality, along with other powers.

Anna finds herself at the mercy of the Dorns. The patriarch’s health is rapidly deteriorating even though his kind can supposedly never fall ill. The daughter has borne a child to a human man in spite of the prophecy foretelling that such a half-breed will bring about the end of life as the Sentient know it. The sexy younger son can be just as infuriating as he is charming, and the older son thinks Anna knows too much and should be silenced.

When her worlds collides with theirs, nothing will ever be quite the same for Anna, or for the Sentient.

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