Reflections of Treachery

blank book

Work on this book is on hold at this time while I focus on finishing The Prophecy. I’m super excited about it, though! It’s currently at 18k+ words, waiting for me to get back to it. My best guess at this point would be to expect a release date sometime in 2016. I’ll keep you updated whenever I can say more!

(Hahaha! This also never happened. Mea culpa!)

In a future that deals with rampant partisanship through segregation and strict government regulation, Liara Ennis’ faith in the world is already precarious. With the death of her twin sister Daphne, it shatters completely. Liara drifts about her life, unmoored and at risk of sinking…until her dead sister reaches out to her from beyond the veil of death with a desperate plea.

An established and powerful organization is trapping spirits, preventing them from moving on as they should and harnessing them instead to use for their own ends. Liara makes it her mission to stop them, but she can’t manage it alone. She must turn to the person who years before broke her trust, and her heart. All Liara knows for sure is that she will do whatever is necessary to fight for her sister’s soul.


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